AMERICANS! Travel to Cuba in 2023/24 is 100% legal.


Travel to Cuba post covid

How To Travel To Cuba During COVID

(Updated on 21st November 2020) Havana airport is open from 15th November Yes! It’s exciting. Havana José Marti airport is officially opening on the 15th November after closing up shop back in March. BUT before you start packing your suncream and new bikini, there are some logistics that you need to know about. Because until there […]

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cars cuba

How to travel to Viñales for the day

(Updated 10 April 2021) Havana is an incredible city, but after a couple of days you’ll most likely be needing a break (trust us). Viñales is a 2.5 hour scenic drive from the capital, and if done right, can be the best day of your trip (check out our reviews in our IG Highlights, TripAdvisor […]

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What to pack for Cuba

What To Pack For Your Cuba Trip

(Updated 15th November 2020) A lot of people worry about what to pack for Cuba. But honestly, it’s easy. It’s a chilled out island, so unless you’re an Instagram Influencer and need that photo of you in your red dress and stilettos in Havana, leave your high heels at home! (p.s. Instagram influencers stick out […]

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Cuba like a local

How To Experience Cuba Like A Local

(Updated 15th November 2020) Cuba is not your standard holiday destination. Whilst you can enjoy guided tours and all-inclusive resorts if you want to, you’ll do yourself and Cuba an injustice.  To experience the real Cuba, you must live as the Cubans do: eat like a Cuban, travel like a Cuban, speak like a Cuban and even […]

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