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Meet the family We’re not your average tour operator. We’re a family native to Viñales (well, apart from Cassie, our founder & token Brit). With years of combined experience working in tourism in Cuba, as well as degrees in foreign languages, agronomy, farming and – of course – expertise in tobacco and ‘how-to-be-a-cowboy’, we finally […]

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Day Trip to Viñales

Classic Viñales Experience

Price: £450 GBP £ 410 GBP

Sustainable agriculture in Cuba

Cuba is more eco-friendly than you may realise This may come as a surprise to you, because Cuba isn’t widely recognised as a particularly eco-friendly island, especially next to it’s more popular rival Costa Rica. However in early 2020 Cuba was ranked once again as the worlds most sustainable developed country by the Sustainable Development […]

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Money in Cuba – what’s the deal?

All you need to know about Cuban money Cuban currency is unique. It can also be challenging to get your head around, but if you give me 5 minutes of your reading time, I can solve your confusion.  There are two currencies in Cuba: the Cuban Peso Nacional (CUP) and the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC). […]

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Why you should book your trip with us

There are many tour operators, group travel organizers, travel agents and websites out there who offer travel to Cuba. And you know what, there’s only a handful of them that I would actually rate. I don’t say this from a competition stance, but instead from a potential customer’s point of view. Cuba isn’t like any […]

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(Last update: Wednesday 25th June 2020) Addressing your health, safety and peace of mind during this outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus As the spread of the coronavirus now slows and news of the re-opening of the island begins, we anticipate a strong and exciting ‘high season’ from November 2020 onwards.  We are already receiving bookings for […]

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Internet in Cuba – what’s really the deal

“Go where the WiFi is weak & the rum is strong” The idea of traveling to a country where the WiFi is weak may tickle the tastebuds for some. For others, it might have you breaking out in the sweats and reconsidering your trip entirely. Either way, you need to know the facts about the […]

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Apps in Cuba: the top 5 apps to download before you travel

5 apps that will make your trip to Cuba stress-free Cuba is an island with limited internet access. There are designated Wifi spots around the towns (and much more in Viñales than in Havana FYI). Mobile data for tourists is still not possible. It’s a great country for a digital detox, but not so great […]

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How to travel to Viñales for the day

Havana is an incredible city, but after a couple of days you’ll most likely be needing a break (trust us). Viñales is a 2.5 hour scenic drive from the capital, and if done right, can be the best day of your trip (check out our reviews in our IG Highlights, TripAdvisor & AirBnB page – […]

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Is Cuba right for you?

Or more to the point, are you right for Cuba?  Cuba isn’t easy. Things break. Things don’t exist. Things don’t always make sense and things can go very, very slowly. We are increasingly playing host to visitors who haven’t done their cultural research before their experience with us and so wanted to put together this […]

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What to pack for your trip to Cuba

Packing for Cuba is easy. It’s a chilled out island, so unless you’re an Instagram Influencer and need that photo of you in your red dress and stilettos in Havana, leave your high heels at home! I’m not going to tell you how many tops or pairs of knickers you should be packing – I’m […]

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How to experience Cuba like a local

1) Learn a little Spanish English skills amongst Cuban people are increasing pretty rapidly, and quite significantly so in the main traveller hot-spots. The Cuban people are realising that English is the world language and is therefore a primary factor in a successful tourism industry. Having said that, we wouldn’t recommend coming to Cuba without […]

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Bringing gifts to Cuba

Who doesn’t love receiving presents? Even the most fortunate of people love receiving gifts, but it’s a good idea to understand why you should bring goodies to Cuba, who needs what, and what types of things would be most useful and appreciated. Why do I need to bring gifts to Cuba? Firstly, you don’t need […]

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