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Walking in tobacco fields

Don’t fancy horse riding? No worries! Come to explore the Cuban countryside with us as we take a leisurely walk through the tobacco fields of our family. We’ll see how the crop is planted and cultivated, have conversations with the ‘guajiros’ about their work, roll & smoke your own Cuban cigars. We’ll visit a second farm where you’ll find out about a local coffee, honey and rum – and of course, try them all.


  • Private guide
  • Al fresco farm-to-table lunch in our farm
  • Cuban cigar
  • Tasters of local produce
  • Authentic familiar experience


Is it a challenging hike?

This is subject to opinion, of course. It’s around 3 to 4 hours in total, or 5 if you want to visit the hidden cave. We go at a steady pace and there are no steep inclines or difficult paths. Contact us if you have any specific concerns.

Trip Facts

  • Coming from Havana? We can organise your transport!
  • Unlimited private tour - bring your friends! Contact us for group deals.
  • English? Spanish? Spanglish? Cubañol? (We can find other language speakers on request)