Hiking the valleys of vinales

Hiking the Valleys of Vinales is one of the best ways to see the unique landscape that surrounds us. With a personal and private guide to leade you into the depths of the Valleys, you’ll be totally at one with the Cuban nature.

We have two valleys for you to explore: Valley del Silencio or Valley Palmarito. Both are rich with wildlife, views, serenity and beauty. Click here for specific information about the valleys to help make your decision!

Each route lasts from 3 to 5 hours. Difficulty level: not very! If you can walk comfortably for 3 to 5 hours, with regular stops, you shouldn’t have any problems on our trips.

Our walking tours go deep into the heart of the Valleys, passing through luscious landscapes and escaping the bustle of the town. Following a similar route to the horse tour excursions, we visit local tobacco farms where you’ll learn about how the farmers process their crops from start to finish, and you’ll have the chance to smoke the end product and purchase some if you wish. You’ll walk alongside wildlife, see the vast array of unique flora and fauna Viñales has to offer, and be totally at one with nature.

If that’s not totally your thing, we stop off at a couple of watering holes along the way where you can enjoy some typical Cuban creole food and a freshly made mojito or two…

As well as spending some time at a natural lake, where you can swim if it takes your fancy or just admire the stunning surroundings if you’d prefer, we’ll visit a small cave built deep into the unique rock formations. If you’re visiting Valley Palmarito you’ll be able to take a quick (and cold) dip in a natural cave pool!