Casa particulares

Live with the locals in our casa particulares in Viñales for a truly unique experience during your trip. All of our casa particular hosts are charming, welcoming and love meeting new people. You’ll be readily invited into their homes and will be treated as part of the family, eating with them, talking with them, and exploring Viñales with them if you wish. Equally, if you prefer to be left to your own devices, that’s fine too! Our hosts are professionals and will treat you as you wish.
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What is a casa particular?

A casa particular is the Spanish for a “private home”. This is essentially a Cuban home stay but with as much privacy or involvement with the hosts as you want. Their homes can be used as you would a hotel, or equally you can choose to spend time with the hosts and become part of their family.

In many casa particulares the guest has their own private quarters, their own key and a private bathroom. You have the flexibility and freedom to come and go as you please, and a good host will help you to organise trips or taxis, to cook meals for you if you wish, or to offer tips and hints on the local area.

Cuba has plenty of state-run hotels which are adequate and often well positioned. However, they are usually much more expensive than a casa particular and commonly much less comfortable. Not to mention that you won’t receive the care and attention that you will once a Cuban invites you into their home as a guest.

Cubans are incredibly proud and they love to show off their lives and culture. By staying in a casa particular, not only will you learn about the traditional ways in which they live, but you will help support the local people and receive a life-changing experience in return.