AMERICANS! Travel to Cuba is 100% legal. Contact us to find out how.


Isn't it time we start to diversify the retreat space?

We are on a mission! A mission to mix up the stereotypical idea of a ‘retreat’. To combine fitness/yoga retreats with real travel experiences. To help you connect with the locals, explore the traditions, devour the tastes, & dance the steps. Expect adventure, expect yoga, expect fitness, expect Cuba, and expect something very unique. 

Travel from the USA is legal & our trips fully comply with the necessary visa requirements.  

What are we offering?

We are offering you the possibility to be a host to your very own retreat in Cuba, without massive fees, having to do all the complex back-work, in a complicated island, in a different language, in a different world. This is for you if you are:

  • a fitness/life/anything coach desperate to run your own unique retreat but can’t deal with the logistics/planning/stress
  • run a studio, class or group back home and want to bring your clients out on your retreat
  • know you want to host your retreat in Cuba but have never been here and won’t have time/money/inside knowledge to scout the best locations beforehand, nor find the best guides, nor figure out the best spots for all of your groups dietary requirements etc.

Basically your part would be to bring your clients and to plan your content (you’re the expert!), whilst we do the background work of logistics, itinerary planning, budget, outsourcing guides etc. (we’re the experts!). We can also help you to market your retreat, and we can provide further services to help you, should you need it. 


Step 1

Make your non-refundable payment and then complete our questionnaire (sent with receipt of payment) to help us get to know you and your requirements

Step 2

Schedule a call (WhatsApp call or messaging, Skype, Phone, FaceTime or a coffee if we’re close!) to discuss your questionnaire and the experience you want in more detail

Step 3

After just 3 working days, we will be in touch via email with the proposed itinerary & budget based on our previous chat. We then welcome any changes to ensure that you’re happy with your retreat experience

Step 4

Final approval once we’ve revised any of the changes you had. We will discuss your preferred payment method and send you an invoice. We can happily organise a payment plan to suit you. 

Step 5

Once we receive your first installment, we will finalise all of the discussed reservations. We will then continue to support you as much as you need in the lead up to your experience – see below 

The planning fee is just £500.00. We are happy to work with you to create an affordable experience for you and your participants, so don’t let the financial side put you off your dream of hosting a retreat in Cuba – contact us to discuss your situation and proposal. 


  • Itinerary plan
  • Reservations for all accommodations
  • Coordination of all transportation during the trip
  • Reservations/coordination of meals 
  • Reservations/coordination of additional activities: tours, classes (dance, cooking, language), hikes, meet and greets with locals or artisans, walking tours, boat rides, etc. 
  • Creation of budget and payment plan option 
  • Organization or assembly of any materials/goody bags you need prepared prior to your arrival
  • Creation of welcome packs, packing lists, background information etc. We give you the option to personalize these documents and to send them to your participants on your behalf 
  • Optional: Creation of your personalised registration page so we can collect your participant information and payment on your behalf 
  • Logistical and legal documentation distribution (liability waiver, visa guidance, flight guidance, dietary guidance)
  • Guidance for you or any participants with separate travels before or after your retreat experience
  • A bilingual (English/Spanish) team member with your group at all times, to help answer any questions clients have about the country and to organise/oversee the behind the scenes coordination and logistics


The cost of accommodations, transportation, tours, activities, meals, goodie bags etc is not included. The travel costs of our bilingual team member should they not already be in the country is also not included. These will be organised with you during Step 3 (Budget & Itinerary) of the planning process.