AMERICANS! Travel to Cuba is 100% legal. Contact us to find out how.

Day Trip to Viñales - 1 Day

If you’re in Havana and limited on time, come and spend the day with our family in the valleys of Viñales. We’ll ride horses (or walk), drink rum, eat al-fresco in our farm, visit some hidden caves untouched by tourism, swim in a natural lagoon, and – best of all – visit our family’s tobacco farm where you’ll roll & smoke your own cigar with us and our family of cowboys.

Does it get much better than that? We don’t think so either!

Oh and if you’re coming from the USA, our trips are fully in line with your “Support for the cuban people” visa. 


Spend the day in Viñales amongst family! Once in Viñales, this experience is around five hours long and gives you the very best of our authentic valleys. Escaping tourism is our main goal, to give you a real insight into the culture of the countryside. 
Transport from Havana is 140CUC total for the round trip in a private classic car with A/C. This is to pay cash on the day. 


Day 1
General itinerary

08:00 collection from your accommodation in Havana in your own private classic car

11:00 viewpoint of Los Jazmines

11:30 – 16:30 enjoy our unique adventure in the valleys (lunch included)

17:00 head back to Havana

20:00 arrive at your accommodation in Havana

£35.00 per person

  • private guide
  • horses
  • visit to our tobacco farm
  • handmade artisan Cuban cigar to try
  • tasters of a local rum/honey/coffee
  • visit to a hidden cave (bring swimwear if you want to swim in the natural lagoon within, weather dependent)
  • al-fresco farm-to-fork dining in our family's tobacco farm
  • transport
  • drinks (drinks can be purchased during the excursion, and usually the rum is always flowing)
  • purchases (cigars, coffee, rum, honey)
Do I need horse riding experience?

No! Our horses are strong, sturdy, responsive and well cared for. They’re also semi-automatic if you need them to be, so you can just sit and relax whilst they walk calmly through the valley.

I know how to ride - are your horses suitable for me?

Yes! Our horses adapt themselves to their rider. If you have experience, feel free to gallop and enjoy your freedom until your hearts content.

I don't want to ride horses - can I walk?

Depending on the weather, yes! If it rains, the paths can get extremely muddy and sometimes it’s almost impossible to walk. We monitor the weather and will always advise you of any changes.

I have a big group - can you accommodate us all?

Yes! Whilst we have 5 horses, we have many family members with more which we can borrow. The more the merrier!

I'm a vegetarian/vegan - can you accommodate me?

No worries! We accommodate vegetarians, vegans, celiacs…. just let us know before hand 🙂

I don't smoke - can I still come?

Yes! The process of tobacco is interesting to all those smokers and non-smokers. The farmers tell you all about how they process the farmlands, how to roll a cigar, how their relationship with the government is etc. A cigar is included but it’s not obligatory to smoke it!

I don't speak Spanish - is that a problem?

No! Your guide will speak basic English, at least, and once you reach our farm there is always someone on hand to either translate or who speaks English very well.

Anyway, our British founder is often around to hang out with you, give her first hand story of moving to and living in Cuba, and to translate where necessary.

I don't want to ride a small skinny horse...

Nor do we! It’s true that there are many horses in Cuba that are mistreated and underweight but we are very strict on animal welfare. We assure you that you won’t be riding skinny weak horses.

  • Get off the beaten track in the national park of Viñales, horse riding to our private tobacco farm and a hidden cave.
  • Smoke a handmade Cuban cigar, whilst sipping on some local rum and enjoying the breathtaking views
  • Hang out with our family of farmers and cowboys – you really will leave as a friend, not as a guest
  • Escape Havana to enjoy the peaceful and tranquil Cuba – honestly, 95% of our visitors much prefer Viñales to Havana!
  • Eat the best food you’ll find in Cuba – forget the myth that the food in Cuba is bad and come and meet our chef.

Trip Facts

  • We'll organise private transport for you
  • Unlimited - bring all your friends!
  • English? Spanish? Spanglish? Cubañol? We can organise other language speakers if necessary - let us know!