About Viñales

Vinales is a small town located in the west of Cuba, a scenic two and a half hour drive from Havana. Famous for its unique landscape, endless tobacco fields and friendly locals, this town is a ‘must’ on your Cuba bucket list.

Whether you’ve got five days or just one, there’s something here for everyone. From hiking trails, horse riding adventures, trips to the beach, or simply relaxing on your casa’s rooftop terrace, you won’t be short of things to enjoy. 

Over recent years, Vinales has seen a steady growth in tourism that has helped to transform the local economy. The magical aspect of this town is that with this influx of tourism, its charm and natural beauty still remain strong and aren’t going anywhere!

NOW OFFERING EXCURSIONS IN: Valley el Silencio and Valley Palmarito.

See below for more information on each valley and how to book.  

Valley del silencio

Valley del Silencio is just that – silent! It boasts breathtaking views over the endless tobacco fields, natural lakes and hidden caves, interesting riding terrain, and an array of varied flora and fauna. 

This is our classic trip, but by no means average. You’ll see local farmers working their crop, an array of birdlife and wildlife tending to their business around you, an array of unique riding terrain to enjoy. You’ll ride down streams, up hills, across fields, and along dirt-tracks. 

valley palmarito

Valley Palmarito is our newest trip to offer, and it doesn’t disappoint. With luscious surroundings, tobacco field after tobacco field, vultures swirling overhead, and the local farmers working hard in their crops, you’ll experience a truly authentic Vinales Experience. 

Stopping off at a local tobacco farmer’s farm, you’ll learn about the process from start to finish, and even learn to roll and smoke your own cigar.

You’ll visit a cave with a fresh water pool inside (it’s cold!) and you’ll stop off at a serene lake to enjoy some local Cuban music and perhaps a mojito or two. Take your bathing suit if you fancy a swim to cool off!